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Meat Paker Recruitment Services

Export and Import of Meat products add most to the economy of a country and increase exchange of foreign currency. Many countries are hiring efficient manpower to accomplish their need for Meat Packers. Grinding, Wrapping and Packaging of Meat Products is done by Meat Packers. The need for efficient Meat packers in several countries is accomplished by Aman Overseas. Our candidates are sincere and hardworking and we provide best staffing solutions. For further information related to recruitment of Meat Packers, contact Aman Overseas.

Meat Packaging Recruitment Solutions

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The prime job of meat packers is to shave and de-feather the raw meat and clean them for further processing. They wipe out skin, trim head and other body parts and finely wrap the trimmed meat cuts. Cut and pack animal meat and take care of religious law and try not to offend any religion. Meat Packers are also responsible for maintenance of slaughtering machines, packaging orders and keeping record forms of Delivery.

Meat Packers are good with selection and operation skills. They should have sound health as the job demands lifting heavy and large boxes.  Meat packers should be aware of animal organs, food production and food processing and government policies under animal protection acts. Their work demands early and long shifts and more than fifty hours of work duration in a week. The working conditions are very tough for Meat Packers. They work in extreme temperatures, Strong Odours and wet floor.

Aman Overseas is serving employers with the recruitment of efficient and hardworking Manpower for Meat Packaging Industries. Candidates are honest and sincere with their work and will prove out to be great assets for the company. Our recruitment services are safe and secure and we take care of the needs of both Candidates and Employers. For more information related to recruitment of Meat Packers. Contact Aman Overseas at 0091-11-41359469

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R. Sinamatra, Hong Kong
"We are thankful to Aman Overseas for the excellent service you have provided us in form of long term staffing solutions for our hotels and spas around the world. Irrespective of the country our properties are located in we got talented people when required. Thank you."

Mohd Hussain Al-Ghazulii, HR Manager, Qatar
"We needed 80 workers at a mega construction site in Qatar. We tried 12 recruitment agencies in Gulf, India, Africa before finally trusting the job to Aman Overseas. Mr Hassan did a neat job in the shortest time period imaginable."


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