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Fashion Designer recruitment agency

Fashion designer is the one who plans, executes and develops the latest fashion trend in the market. The conceptualisation and development of intricate design details of a fabric are the work areas of a fashion designer. They may have their own work areas of expertise like shoes, clothes, bags and other accessories. Fashion designers are often referred as trend setters. 

Fashion Designer recruitment agency

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Aman overseas is a leading manpower recruitment agency in India serving employers from round the world.  Aman Overseas is recruiting efficient and hardworking fashion designers in fashion industry. For more information related to recruitment of fashion designers contact Aman Overseas now.

The job of a fashion designer includes great imagination and focus. Drawing and sketches of new and existing designs with modifications are made by hand or on computer. This requires perfection and great knowledge. The analysis of a particular fabric, pattern, texture, colour or shape is done by a fashion designer. He produces and develops concepts and also looks after the production and sales.

Key skills of a Fashion Designer

  • Must possess creativity in order to develop unique ideas
  • Must be open to new ideas and follow advise of seniors 
  • Must have knowledge and sense of combinations of colours and pattern
  • Must have a steady hand in cutting and grading of a fabric 
  • Must be able to visualise the design or concept in complete 3 Dimension form

Fashion designer must have great knowledge about the latest trend in the market. They must possess the habit of learning from mistakes. Good communication skills are a must for a fashion designer in order to express the ideas clearly and influentially. Business and good negotiation skills are useful when selling fabric to the customers. 

For a candidate to serve as an efficient fashion designer under a famous fashion brand must possess bachelor’s degree in fashion designing from a reputed institution. Work experience of more than 2 years is helpful in gaining employment. Master’s degree in fashion and retail are valued in fashion industry. 

Our candidates possess above mentioned qualities with an aim to prove as an asset for the recruiting company. Our recruitment services are safe and secure and concerned with the satisfaction of employers and candidates alike. 

For more information related to recruitment of fashion designers, contact Aman Overseas at 0091-11-41359469 now.

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R. Sinamatra, Hong Kong
"We are thankful to Aman Overseas for the excellent service you have provided us in form of long term staffing solutions for our hotels and spas around the world. Irrespective of the country our properties are located in we got talented people when required. Thank you."

Mohd Hussain Al-Ghazulii, HR Manager, Qatar
"We needed 80 workers at a mega construction site in Qatar. We tried 12 recruitment agencies in Gulf, India, Africa before finally trusting the job to Aman Overseas. Mr Hassan did a neat job in the shortest time period imaginable."


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